Marina Tsvetaeva: Lady with Camelias

Your whole way with shining evil's coal
     Margaret, they all do bravely judge.
     What's your fault? The body sinned as such,
     Innocent you have retained your soul.

     To all people it's the same, I know,
     To all nodded with a blurry smile.
     And with this sorrowful semi-smile
     You have wept yourself long time ago.

     Who will know? Whose hand will help along?
     No exception to the rule, one thing entrances!
     They eternally await embraces,
     They eternally await, "I'm thirsty! Be my own!"

     Day and night the bane of false confessions..
     Day and night, tomorrow, and once more!
     Spoke more eloquently than the word
     Your dark glance, the martyr's dark expression.

     The accursed ring is growing narrow,
     On the goddess of the world avenges fate..
     Smiling childishly, into your face
     A young tender boy glances with sorrow.

     The entire world is saved by love!
     In but her salvation and defense is.
     All's in love. O Margaret, sleep in peace.
     All's in love. I'm saved because I love.

Translated by Ilya Shambat


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