Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1954)


Director: Luis Buñuel
Writers: Daniel Defoe (novel),
Stars: Dan O'Herlihy, Jaime Fernández, Felipe de Alba


Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe, is a film by director Luis Buñuel, based on the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
Lead actor Dan O'Herlihy, playing Crusoe, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Exiled from his Spanish homeland, director Luis Bunuel set up shop in Mexico. Here he made his only American-financed film, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. This is a reasonably reliable version of the Daniel Defoe's novel about a 17th century shipwreck victim (Dan O'Herlihy) and his "Man Friday" (James Fernandez). Bunuel cannot resist tossing in his occasional barbs against the smugness of Society--though not so many as to scare away customers.


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